What is Plexus?

Plexus is a health and happiness company that focuses on getting you healthy from the inside out. It is not a diet, shake or meal replacement plan. Plexus simply addresses 4 areas of health … blood sugar, gut health, inflammation and the importance of bringing nutrients back into the body.

Did you know that the majority of today’s health concerns and illnesses (migraines, anxiety, depression, weight, diabetes, autoimmune, IBS, etc.) occur because these 4 areas are out of balance? Plexus simply stabilizes what is wrong inside the body and makes it right with weight loss being a side effect…only if there’s weight to lose.

Plexus offers an assortment of 18 different products that use only the purest ingredients and adds nothing artificial (no dyes, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners).  All of the products are plant based and are also gluten free and non GMO.

My Plexus Story

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease and had my thyroid dissolved by radioactive iodine.  I began the constant battle to find the proper dosage of thyroid replacement medicine.  It was like being on a roller coaster.  With every life change (two pregnancies, gaining weight, losing weight, on and then off birth control, periods of stress), I had to deal with a change in dosage.  I was EXHAUSTED all of the time.  I would try to explain my feelings of exhaustion, moments of anxiety, depression, overall fatigue, and headaches to my physician.  She would just tell me that it was because I had three toddlers and that it was normal.  I knew that the way I was feeling could NOT be normal!

I was constantly looking for answers.  In January 2016, a friend referred me to an integrative doctor.  He suggested that I needed to start focusing on my gut health.  I learned that my poor gut health is what caused my auto-immune disorder in the first place.  I had been trying to eat healthy for years, but obviously it just wasn’t enough.  I started eating a mostly Paleo/Mediterranean diet, and worked diligently to eliminate foods from my diet that I was sensitive to.

During this same time my husband started using Plexus to heal his Leaky Gut.  He had seen his cousin posting about it on Facebook, and thought why not give it a try.  I was already a consultant for another direct selling company, and was being stubborn and honestly a little snobbish about giving it a try.  My husband was able to get off of all of his prescription medicine for his stomach issues within just a couple of months.  I was still skeptical!  I thought that I could fix it on my own through diet, exercise, and lots of probiotics and supplements.  I was working so hard, and saw NO improvements.

In October, he showed me a testimony from a girl who had started Plexus for weight loss, but had in the process cleared up her cystic acne.  This is something I have battled since I was a teenager.  Seeing her before and after picture was all it took for me to jump on board.  I ordered my products that night and raided my hubbies stash immediately!  The very first day, I had more energy.  NO…I secretly wanted to prove him wrong.  By the third day, I was doing more tasks around the house and crossing things off of my list that I had put off for months.  I also slept through the night!  This is huge!!  I never could understand why I could be so tired and still could not sleep.

Within just a couple of months, all of my challenges started fading away.  I was happier and way less anxious. I had consistent energy, and began to actually enjoy working out.  Sleeping through the night became normal, and I would actually wake up refreshed and excited to start my day.  I was even able to lower my thyroid dosage.

I loved the company that I represented prior to Plexus, but I knew that I could help change lives with these amazing products!  I truly believe in the values, products, and opportunity Plexus has to offer!  It is rewarding watching others experience similar results!

My Recommendations

Below are the products that I take daily.  I highly recommend starting with the TriPlex Combo, which includes Slim, Bio Cleanse, and ProBio5, followed by the XFactor Plus and VitalBiome!  Below is a brief summary of each products key benefits.  For more information and/0r the ability to purchase, simply click on the image.

One of the biggest benefits of Slim is that it stabilizes your blood sugar (glucose), reduces cravings, and gives back control over food choices.  Yeast cells form their armor, chiton, by stealing glucose from your body.  Slim helps to reduce those sugar cravings so that you are not feeding the yeast.

Slim helps to reduce inflammation and includes a prebiotic.  You simply add it to cold water and drink.

Three of the probiotics in Probio5 are recommended as the most beneficial species of gut bacteria.  However, in my opinion, the biggest plus to our probiotic is Chitosanase.  This enzyme targets the yeast overgrowth’s exoskeleton, which is called chiton, by boring a hole into the chiton thus allowing the other enzymes to kill the yeast cell.  This is certainly not your average probiotic!
When yeast is dying off, it has the ability to produce 75 known toxic substances that can poison the human body.  We have to make sure our bodies are being cleaned out when yeast overgrowth is dying, or the live yeast cells will feed on the dead yeast cells and our waste.  Biocleanse contains an oxygenated magnesium which helps to cleanse the intestinal tract, helps promote regularity, and helps remove harmful microbes and substances.
I LOVE this multivitamin!  It contains aloe which helps your body to absorb vital nutrients and vitamins.  This helps to make all of your other products much more effective.  It contains key nutrients needed to help your thyroid medication to absorb better.  I could go on and on about this multivitamin.  In my opinion, it is the best on the market!
This little gem is a revolutionary probiotic with clinically proven ingredients that help to improve your health and mood!  It helps reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety, reduces GI distress, and helps to rebalance your gut microflora.  I think every parent needs this!!!

Let me know how I can help!