Fabric Pumpkins {Quick & Easy}

by | Sep 15, 2018

These DIY fabric pumpkins are a great way to add a touch of Fall into your decor while matching your existing color scheme.

Quick and Easy Fabric Pumpkins

Fall is coming soon!  This is my favorite time of year!  I get excited about college football starting, breaking out the crockpot for soups, and anything made with pumpkin spice!

I also LOVE getting to change up my decor!

These fabric pumpkins are quick and easy to make!

These fabric pumpkins are quick to make, super cheap, and SO adorable!

The velvet ones are my favorite.  (Hobby Lobby – Silver Crushed Velvet)

Velvet Easy Sew Pumpkins

If you don’t have a sewing machine…no biggie…I’ll show you an alternate method.

I like to keep our color scheme neutral. Pumpkins do not have to be orange!  Other than the velvet, I used scrap fabric left over from other sewing projects.

Supplies needed…


Let’s get started…

1.  Cut your fabric to the desired measurement.  I made three different sizes. Small 10 x 14 Medium 12 x 16  Large 16 x 22

2.  Fold the fabric in half with the right sides together, and stitch a ½ seem along the short sides of the fabric. (Small 10, Medium 12, Large 16 inch)  NO SEW METHOD – Join the short sides together with Heat n Bond.

3.  Cut 5, 17 inch pieces of twine and 1, 72 inch piece. Gather them together and tie a knot at one end.  With right sides of the fabric sleeve still touching, feed the twine through the middle, leaving the knot hanging out one end.

4.  Gather the fabric together near the knot in the twine and tie a rubber band about ½ inch from the edge of the fabric.

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

5.  Turn the fabric right side out.

6.  Stuff with poly-fil. I used the stuffing from an old pillow to save a little money.

7.  Hold it upside down and space the twine around the outside.

8.  Tie a rubber band close to the stuffing.  Make sure the twine is evenly spaced and pull the twine tight. This helps to make the different sections.

Quick & Easy Fabric Pumpkins

9.  Wrap two of the short pieces around the base once and then tie them together. Cut the ends of these two pieces off.  Cut the remaining fabric to about an inch and a half.

10.  Wrap the long piece of twine tightly around the fabric to make the stem of the pumpkin making sure to end at the base.  Tuck the remaining twine under the rubber band and tie a knot.

11.  Cover the pumpkin with foil and one at a time cover the twine with modpodge and wrap it around a pencil. Let them sit for about 10 minutes and twist them from the pencil.

Quick and Easy Fabric Pumpkins

Printables are an inexpensive way to add to your seasonal decor.  Grab this FREE printable here.

Give Thanks FREE Fall Printable

Have fun decorating!

Love these DIY fabric pumpkins!
LOVE these DIY Fabric Pumpkins! Neutral Fall Decor

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