Dry Brushing 101: How & Why

by | Jun 12, 2017

If you are new to the concept of dry brushing your skin, you might be thinking that it sounds a little hokey.  Every time I add another habit to my beauty routine, my husband looks at me a little strange.  When I told him that I was going to start brushing my skin, he just shook his head and grinned.  

Once you learn about the toxic load on our bodies, you want to do everything you can to relieve some of the burden from your organs.  Most of these practices are simple, affordable, and usually only take a couple of minutes.  Dry brushing is one of those!  It only takes about 2 minutes and costs around $5.


The idea behind dry brushing is to get your lymphatic system moving which helps your body to eliminate toxins.  It stimulates and increases blood circulation and helps with digestion.  Dry brushing assists in breaking down fatty deposits under the surface of your skin helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  (Need I say more?!)

Dry brushing is a great way to renew your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells giving you a fresher appearance.  It also helps to unclog pores making it easier for your skin to absorb more nutrients, which is why I always take a detox bath afterwards.

Dry Brushing 101 – How to get started

Pick a brush with natural bristles.  You just want to make sure that it has a long enough handle to be able to reach your back with ease and that is does not have synthetic bristles.  This is the one that I use.

Make sure your skin is dry.

The optimal time to do it is before your bath or shower.  Some people like to do this in the mornings because the increased circulation can be energizing.  I personally like to do it in the evening while I am prepping for my detox bath.

Use gentle pressure.

Always brush in long sweeping motions toward your heart.  You want to start at your feet and move upwards along your body towards your chest.  The reason for this is because the main drainage points for your lymphatic system are right near your collar bones, so this is where you want to direct the flow.  Brush each area several times, overlapping as you go.

If you have areas of concern (shhh…cellulite), you can focus a little more on those areas.  Remember to brush in smooth, long strokes. The only area that I use circular motions is around my tummy.  I brush several times in a circular motion.

Make sure that you have covered your entire body including the bottoms of your feet, your back, and even your armpits.  If you decide to brush your face, make sure you are gentle. I use this detoxifying charcoal mask every week, so I don’t exfoliate my face more with dry brushing.

After you are finished, just hop in the shower or take a nice relaxing detox bath!



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