DIY Farmhouse Valance

by | Aug 13, 2018

Simple White Curtains Farmhouse Style DIY Bay Window

These farmhouse style valances are simple and affordable to make!

Do you ever avoid projects?  Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what I want in a space.  I have avoided making window treatments for the bay window in our breakfast nook since we moved in.  We have three boys, so I knew that I didn’t want drapes right beside our table.

After we finished this hutch makeover, I knew it was time to stop procrastinating.

Chalkpaint Hutch Makeover Gray

Finding inspiration…

I started looking on Pinterest for inspiration.  When I came across this pic, I knew this was the style that I wanted!  They just seem so whimsical and a little farmhouse.

farmhouse valance

Pottery Barn Tie Curtain

Our house is a little dark, so I wanted to keep the fabric light so as much sun would shine through as possible.  I decided I wanted to use the same fabric as the Tie Top Curtains I made for the living room.

I picked up two sets of these curtains from IKEA.

Tie Top Curtains Farmhouse White

Lenda Curtains from IKEA

Let’s get started with our project…

Supplies you will need:


Measure your windows from the outside of the trim work.  This will be the width of your valances.

My middle window measures exactly the width of the Ikea Lenda curtains…55 inches.  Lucky!  The other two windows in my nook are 30 inches wide.  

We are going to try to keep this project as simple as possible, so you will be using some of the existing hems.  

From the bottom of the curtain, measure up 68 inches.  Place a pin here to mark your spot.  If you are doing this for a bay window, go ahead and mark all three valances.  

You will also need to measure the width.  Again, from one of the existing edges, measure over and mark the width with a pin.  Two of mine are pinned at 68” x 31 1/2” (1 ½ inches added for the side hem) and the other is 68” x 55”.

Go ahead and cut where you have them marked.  I used my rotary cutter, mat, and guide to make the cuts easier.  (I use these tools in almost every sewing project.).

Make sure you cut the width first.  You don’t want to cut across the whole curtain because you will need a longer section for the ties.

Tie Top Curtains My favorite sewing tools

Next, you will be cutting 8 inches from the top of each piece.  This is going to be used to make the section that fits over the rod.  This will leave you will three pieces at 60 inches long.

Now it’s time to cut the ties.  I wanted mine really long so that they hung down almost to the bottom of the window.  You can adjust and make yours shorter if you prefer.  I used the two sections left over from the panels for the smaller windows.  Cut 6 ties at 3 inches wide by 71 inches long.


For the side hems on the 2 smaller valances, iron a fold ¾ inch in from the side.  Fold the fabric in again ¾ inch and iron.  You can pin as you go to hold it in place. 

For the topper, iron a 1 1/2 inch fold on the side that doesn’t have a hem.  After that, iron a 1 inch fold into both long sides of the 8 inch strips that you cut.  Then, fold the strips in half and iron flat.

Lastly, on one end of all of the ties, iron a 1/4 inch fold.  Turn the ties long ways on the board and iron them in ½ inch from each side.  Then fold in half and iron.

Farmhouse Curtains


From the backside, sew the side hems close to the edge of the fold.

For the ties, sew across the end and then up the side close to the fold.  I left one end with a raw edge.

Lay the top piece (8 inch strips) on a flat surface.  Line the raw edge of the long piece inside folds of the top piece, and pin to hold them together.  For the wider one, measure in from the sides 12 inches, and pin the ties under the fold of the top piece.  Do the same for the smaller valances except you will measure in 7 1/2 inches from the side.  You will need to make sure that you have a tie on top and underneath.  Sew across close to the fold.  

Now to hang them…

At your favorite hardware store, look for ½ inch electrical piping.  Have them cut the pipe to the proper widths.  Mine was 55” and 2 @ 30”.

Spray the pipe with whatever paint matches your finishes.  I used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze and sprayed two coats.

Install the cafe rod brackets.  I lined the outside of the bracket up with the edge of the window frame. 

Slide the valance onto the rod, and then hang!  I folded the bottom up a couple of times, and then tied my bows.  ALL DONE!!

Breakfast Nook DIY Farmhouse Curtains Valance White

I’m not sure why I waited so long to do this project.  I LOVE how this space turned out!!  We eat all of our meals here as a family, and now it just feels so cheery!!  

I love quick and simple projects that I can complete in a short amount of time!  This one took about 1 1/2 hours start to finish.

Psalm 118 24 This is the day the Lord has made

I’m Melinda, and I am thrilled you are here!  I’m a wife, mother to 3 energetic boys, DIY enthusiast, and lover of all things creative.  Make This Day Count is my place to share my love for projects, family life, and natural living.



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