About Melinda

Hello and welcome!  I’m Melinda, and I’m so thrilled to have you here!  As a wife and mother to three very energetic boys, I know how hectic and busy life can be.  I strive to find a way each day to Make This Day Count.  My goal is to help other families live happy, healthy and intentional lives in the midst of their chaos.

What to expect…

Make This Day Count is a health and wellness blog that aims to make natural living simple to achieve. You will find practical tips on living a healthy lifestyle including natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, real food recipes, simple home remedies and more.

But, obtaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about what we ingest or put on our skin, it is also important to have a positive mindset. You will find encouraging devotionals, inspiration for creating peace and joy at home, and encouragement for living mindfully.

A little about me…

I live outside of Nashville with my husband, Mark, and our three boys. When our first son, Drew, was born, I decided to leave my job as an accountant to be a stay at home momma.  Two years later we were blessed with identical twins, Tyler and Bryce.

It is amazing how fast the seasons go by.  The boys are all in elementary school now.  This has given me a little more free time, so I decided to follow a dream and start Make This Day Count.

We are an adventurous family and enjoy finding new places to explore.  We love being outdoors!  Most weekends we go looking for new playgrounds for the boys or parks to go biking or hiking.  We started camping a couple of years ago, and really enjoy that quality time together as a family away from all the noise! (aka electronics)

We are Disney fanatics, and are experts at doing Disney on a budget.  Now that the boys are older, we are starting to explore more theme parks.  Mark has always loved amusement parks, and will be writing helpful posts on how to save money and make the most of your time when vacationing.

I grew up as a preacher’s daughter in a small town in Mississippi. Christianity has always been ingrained in me, and now that I have children, I want nothing more than for them to trust and follow Jesus.

Inspiration behind the blog…

For as long as I can remember, I have had an ongoing battle with my skin.  As a teenager, I thought that my acne was due to hormones, and that I would grow out of it.  In my 20’s it progressed into painful cystic acne, and I began to realize that it wasn’t something that would just go away.  During this time I was also diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.

Obtaining clear skin became an obsession…dermatology appointments, prescriptions, supplements, and goodness knows how many chemical laden skincare products I tried promising beautiful clear skin.  Nothing worked.

In my late 30’s a friend referred me to an integrative doctor. The main purpose in seeing this doctor was to find a way to better regulate my thyroid levels, but he also mentioned that my skin condition could be caused by inflammation in my gut. This is when I began my journey to live a more natural lifestyle.

After digging a little deeper, I discovered that I did in fact have Leaky Gut. Once I began treatment for healing my body from the inside out and implementing an all natural skincare routine, I saw a drastic change in my skin and overall health.

In my 20 plus year battle, I have learned a LOT about what doesn’t work, and now that I have found what does, I want to help others avoid the pitfalls that I went through.

Let’s Connect…

I’m so happy to have you as a new reader and look forward to connecting with you!

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